Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Christmas: Child's Art Tote

So, while Conor napped this afternoon, I whipped up an art tote for him for Christmas. Conor loves to draw and color and craft, so I'm sure he will love this gift, as it keeps all of his art tools in one handy, portable place!

I wish I had a camera that captured how cute the colors really are, but you get the idea. I found the idea and tutorial over at H is for Handmade. Amy's instructions are easy to follow, and I only made a few small changes, like adding the button closure. I used a navy polka dot duck cloth and a scrap of apple green duck cloth (for the handles), and then a quilter's fat quarter for the inside pockets. Those, plus some apple green ribbon and a red button cost me less than $5, and sewed up in less than a naptime!

Here is the art tote opened up. There are two sets of pockets: the smaller, divided up red polka dot ones (which you can't see the cute polka dots) lined with green ribbon, and then the bigger inside pockets behind the flaps, for paper or coloring books.

I picked up some fun new art supplies for Conor's tote (because isn't coloring with new crayons so much better?) and then I sized the pockets to fit the things I bought. I stuck a pad of construction paper in one of the flaps and I'll put a coloring book in the other. Now he can be an artist on the go!


Amy said...

Absolutely lovely! I am very impressed! I am so glad that you liked the tutorial and I hope that little Conor will enjoy using it! Thanks so much for the shout out, too!
Merry Christmas!
H is for Handmade

Annette Lyon said...

CUTE! My youngest would LOVE this kind of thing. I'll have to consider making one . . . IF I can get myself to scratch out the time. You're awesome to make your kids gifts like this.

Sarah said...

Soooo, SO! CUTE! That is one talent I wish I had! The ability to sew! I love the bags you've made!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You are really, really making me want to learn how to sew. That is so fabulous!