Sunday, December 5, 2010

Handmade Christmas: Messenger Bag

Last night I made this messenger bag for my stepdaughter. Even though I got confused about what the pattern was talking about and had to re-cut and re-sew a seam, it still went together fairly easily and looks so professional. I think it looks so "Caitlin" and can't wait to give it to her.

I bought the downloadable pattern, "The Infinity Tote" from Shelley Detton's Etsy shop. It's a multi-use pattern that teaches how to make five different types of bags, with directions for custom-made bags as well. I mentioned how I have fallen in love with Shelley's blog and her tutorials are so well done. Everything she does looks beautiful.

The fabrics I used are Heather Bailey's designs. Have I mentioned that I've fallen in love with designer fabrics? Yes, it's sad, but true. Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Joel Dewberry, heaven help me. Have I mentioned that I found a site that will cut all of my favorite fabrics to order and deliver them to my door, with free shipping? I'm in heaven. I mean, the fabric district in downtown L.A. is great, but it takes a lot of gas to get there and parking is expensive too. There's a great quilt shop not too far that sells many of my favorite designers, but then I have to take Conor. The online Quilt Home has everything. Everything!

Inside the fully-lined tote are three pockets. Cute, huh? The whole project from start to finish (including my disastrous beginning) took four hours, but would be much, much quicker the second time. Which is good, because guess what Lyndsay said when she saw it all finished?

"Awwwww! I want one!"


Andrea said...

I want one too. Cute.

Sarah said...

ADORABLE! You and Lindsey need to go into business together... :-)

Hannah said...

Awww! That is so cute!!

chris said...

The fabric is gorgeous...I'd want one as well. :)