Thursday, October 16, 2008

Permission NOT Granted

This is the permission slip Lyndsay brought home from school yesterday:

Field Trip Advisory for "Spring Awakening" November 11 (Advisory? Bad sign already)

"Spring Awakening" is a Tony Award-winning rock musical, based on the controversial 1891 German play of the same title by Frank Wedekind. Set in late nineteenth century Germany, it concerns teenagers who are discovering the inner and outer challenges of sexuality. The music contains frank portrayals of masturbation, abortion, rape, and suicide, uses profanity, and may not be appropriate for all students. Please discuss this with your child, and sign below if you approve of his/her attendance.

Ummmmmm, let me think. How about. . . NO WAY! 'May not be appropriate for all students?' How about any student!

Dear Los Angeles Unified School District,

Are you out of your ever-loving minds?! Good heavens, what were you thinking when you approved this field trip? Which one of you low-minded, permissive, filthy, despicable creatures was it that thought this would be the perfect addition to a dance class for 14-16 year old girls? With all of the beautiful and edifying art and culture that we are surrounded with, this was the one thing you thought they just couldn't miss? This was worth the cost of tickets and the $600 for the use of the schoolbus for the day? This was worth missing all the other classes of the day? Do you actually have children? Really? Do you really care about ours?

This is our tax dollars hard at work for the education of California's youth, huh? Despite budget cuts and educational crisis, this is the school district at its finest? How embarrassing.

Permission denied. You should be flogged.


Annette Lyon said...

Holy freaking crap. I hope you actually sent that note to them.

I guess the one silver lining is that they actually sent home a note.

Megan said...

So not an aesthetic experience! Boo! I agree with Annette... at least there was parental notification. We won't be so lucky if Prop 8 doesn't pass.

Greg and Kelli Clark said...

wow... I can't believe that. what is the world coming to. Do they think this is great education for the kids.

Its a good thing they have to ask permission first.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I agree...I really hope you send that to them!

Hannah said...

Holy cow! I cannot believe that is going to be a field trip. I wonder how many parents are going to allow their kids to go.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Please tell me that you sent that letter to them. If you didn't, you need to. Holy cow. Like Annette said, at least they let you know ahead of time what they were planning. You'll have to let us know how many parents actually let their kids go...

Angela said...

WOW! I really can't form the words to express how incredibly offensive the "idea" of sending 14-16 yr old girls to that play.

I agree with everyone else, you MUST send that letter.

Abby said...

Yeah, if you haven't sent a letter, you need to. That's absolutely ridiculous. College students..maybe. People who seek that show out, yes. But highschool students? Not even all of highschool but our little Lyndsay? No way.

I'm seriously curious about how many students actually GET permission to see that. It's not like it's a permission slip for health class or anything, ya know? That's some pretty racy stuff to try to show to minors!

Laurie said...

I also think that you should send that letter. I am shocked!

Josi said...

while I agree they NEED a letter (as does the district, the local newspapers, the school board, the county commissioners, and the governor) you might want to consider editing this one a little bit, mostly because it attacks them personally which will turn off their ability to view you as reasonable. If they can get mad at your ardor, they can ignore the point. If you can simply support your views with facts (like the multitide of better options) and your opinion (that you're shocked they considered this a benefit to the students) you will have a much better chance of being heard. Reacting too strongly brand you a 'freaky zealot' and they won't consider your opinion. I'd be HAPPY to help, I have a bit of a reputation with strongly worded letters.

But this makes me absolutely sick. I read earlier this week about a first grade field trip to their teachers same sex wedding. The world is become an increasing scary place to be.

Annette Lyon said...

Totally utilize Josi! She's the best strongly worded letter writer EVER.

Wonder Woman said...

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. This seriously makes me sick.

Please send the letter.

Misty said...

seriously. What the heck???? This is insanity. I've been so stressed out lately and the little wicked voice in the back of my head has been whispering "maybe you should try public school again" but nope... and things like this are why.

Raelene said...

The following is a news article about my sister and nephew.

"Parents of some 7th graders at Tioga Middle School in Northeast Fresno (CA) are upset, after their students were given a lesson on profanity that included writing profane words on a blackboard. The parents of 12-year-old Phoenix Hawkins called school officials after he asked his mother about a profane term for oral sex.
Phoenix said he learned the word as part of a profanity lesson in which 15 profane words were written on a blackboard and students were told these words were not appropriate. School officials have apologized to the parents and have now informed parents about the lesson plan.

Erin Hawkins says she doesn't understand how the school could have even thought about doing what it did without consulting parents first.

Tioga principal Ray Avila tells KSEE 24 News that in the future the school will consult with parents, as is required by FUSD policies."

See news film here. You may need to copy and paste into browser.

Who do these people think they are! I know they didn't give birth to these children. What makes them think they can make these types of decisions in their lives!!!

Please send that letter!