Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweetness. . .and a Winner!

If you love someone, give him Cheetos. Always a good mantra. (Don't ask me about the headband, that was his idea, but it does match!)

If you really want to do something kind, bring me a bowl full of pomegranate seeds (all the work done!) from your backyard tree. Just to be friendly. Thanks, Maritza! Holy cow, are they sweet and delicious!

Food storage makes me happy. Today we picked up our first order from our food storage co-op. That's 4 buckets of hard white wheat, and 2 buckets of rolled oats. It's a start, anyway, and progress is good. Now I just need a NutriMill wheat grinder.

And a winner of this sweet Cupcake Dress? (Drum roll. . .) I am so excited!!! I'm so excited!!!


I wanted you all to win, but I'm thrilled that Hannah's name was drawn! She's my fabulous cake-baker-decorator-Coupon-Queen-of-a-sister! Oh, Hannah! Yay for you! Bella will look so cute in that dress! I'll give Ale your address and have her send you one out! And everyone else, thanks for entering! Go to Ale's site and buy something fun! She's wonderful! And thank you, Ale!


Hannah said...


Thanks so much Jenna and Ale! That dress is seriously perfect for Bella!

Sarah said...

YAY! FOR HANNAH! She totally deserves to win! I wish I had a little girl to put in these dresses. Trenton might look cute in them though...

Abby said...

Horray!!! I was so tempted to put my name in with Bella's dress size..because DUDE how perfect is that for Hannah's daughter? Yay!

Luisa Perkins said...

Yay Conor!

Yay food storage!

Yay Hannah!

Greg and Kelli Clark said...

I can see why you would give Conor Cheetos.... our favorite thing.. next he will be eating junior mints. miss you