Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whose Daughter Art Thou?

Last night I gave a lesson to a group of teenage girls. I had been reading in the Old Testament, the story of Abraham sending his servant to get a wife for his son, Isaac. When Rebekah comes to the well to draw water, offering the servant water, as well as his camels, he knows that Rebekah is the chosen one. He asks her, "Whose daughter art thou?" (Gen. 24:23)

The girls we serve have vastly different home lives, and the majority of them do not live with, or do not have relationships with their fathers. But, I reminded them, they each have a Father in whom they can put their eternal trust, and that is their Heavenly Father. He loves his daughters like the most perfect daddy loves his little girl. In that fact, they can draw strength and peace.

"Whose daughter art thou?"

A daughter of a King. A daughter of God.

When that knowledge burns within, it changes everything, from the way we carry ourselves to the choices we make each day. That's what I want for them. To know.

Beside being a daughter of God, today I am grateful to be the daughter of two amazing earthly parents who reared me in the perfect way to become who I needed to be. They gave me all of the tools, all of the experiences that I needed.

Today is my dad's birthday. The Ancient of Weeks. A little more vintage now, is he, a little more loved and adored by me. (That rhymed! See? I get that from him. He gives me gifts, even on his birthday.) I love you, Dad. It is because of you and Mom that I know for sure that I am a daughter of God, and I hope to please you both by the life I owe to each of you. May this year be your best yet!


Sarah said...

Aww! That was a sweet little tribute!

Josi said...

It is far easier to believe in our Father in Heaven's love for us, when we've had an earthly father that loves us too. And gracious children are a gift all their own. Very sweet, Jenna.

Rachel Sue said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Luisa Perkins said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Saint Holiday!

Julie Wright said...


Megan said...

We have New Beginnings tonight. And you've pretty much summed up our theme... Daughter: Princess of a Heavenly King. :)

Misty said...

So sweet... you are such a good Momma!