Monday, February 28, 2011

She Did It!

I have had so much positive feedback from Amber's "Journey of a Thousand Miles" featured last week. She's so easy to love! I know she is an inspiration. Over the weekend, she and her husband, Kevin, ran their first half-marathon! I am so proud of her! To think that just two years ago she couldn't hike with her daughter's 5th grade class, and now she is running in races! It is a testament to me of the resiliency of our incredible human bodies, for one thing, the miracle that they are, but also of the power of a dedicated mind. One thing about Amber is that whenever she sets her mind to do something, there is no stopping her. She is one powerful woman!

For those of you who read the installments of Amber's story and have questions of your own, I asked Amber if she'd be willing to answer personal questions here on my blog, and she agreed happily. If there is something specific you'd like to know, or advice, or anything, you can either leave the question in a comment on the blog, or you can email it to me. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that would be fine too, just let me know.

The thing that I remember the most about Amber's decision to change her life was when she realized that a year was going to go by anyway. She could let the year go by and remain the same, overweight and unhappy with herself, or she could use the year to do something about it! That was the same advice someone gave to me when I considered going back to school even though I would be 40 when I finished. I was going to be 40 anyway. Might as well be 40 and a nurse! If a year is a long time to focus on, turn it to a week. A week is going to go by anyway--wanna be 1 or 2 pounds lighter and a little healthier when that happens?

Thank you, Amber and Kevin!

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Anonymous said...

I"d love to know if you were a diet coke "aholic". If so, did you stop drinking it? And the same for did you ween yourself from it? ( I know not completely, but how did you back off from it?) Did you make protein shakes? How did you make it and what kind of protein did you use?
Congrats on your marathon!!! Kudos to you! That is an amazing mark! WOW!!