Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amber Alert!

Hope you're ready! What a treat! Remember last month when we begged my best friend Amber to write out the story of her amazing weight loss? Well, I've got it in my hands, hot off the press! She's done a terrific job too. I will break the story up into installments over the next several days, and I hope it will be encouraging and meaningful to you.

Now, not everyone reading may have weight to lose, but each of us could probably do a better job and caring for and nurturing ourselves, and that's really what Amber's story is about. Deciding that we are valuable enough to love, and that the love should first come from within ourselves. When we care for ourselves, we have more to give when we care for others.

I'm so excited to share my Amber with you! You will love her, as I do, I'm sure. She has been such a strength to me when I've needed it, and a powerful example of belief in oneself. Because of her I had success during my Mary Kay years, which enabled me to have a career and still be available to my children when I was a single mother. She has loved me unconditionally, and always been a loyal fan, cheering me on. I owe her big time for all her cheering.

So, check back tomorrow for the first part of Amber's story!

(and thank you, my love! I can't wait for you to be famous on my blog!)