Friday, October 12, 2007

The Make-out Meme

Tagged by Luisa at Novembrance, who played along with Veronica Mitchell at Toddled Dredge for this dreamy memey:

My disclaimer is that I haven't read nearly enough romantic or even fictional works to do this meme justice, but a few of my favorite authors have supplied me with enough machismo to at least get through it.

1. "Noah Calhoun" from The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks. I love a guy that goes for a girl out of his league, because he knows she's the one. Even if he has to wait 14 years for her to realize it, and suffer heartache and rejection in the meantime. Man, and seriously? Having Ryan Gosling play the young Noah didn't hurt the image any.
2. "Landon Carter" from A Walk to Remember, also by Nicholas Sparks. I think Nicholas Sparks is really good at sappy romantic stories featuring dreamy guys, that turn out to be great romantic chick-flicks. And even though the book takes place in the 50's, while the movie is translated to the 90's, Landon still rocks. He could help me check things off my list anytime. Another guy, rough around the edges, going for the girl he stands no chance of being worthy of, but becoming transformed in the process. He ends up GOLDEN. And here's the shot I got of Shane West (who plays Landon in the film) in Las Vegas, who happened to be staying at MY hotel.

3. One more Nicholas Sparks' novel, and then I'll move on, okay? How about "Garrett" from Message in a Bottle? Yeah, a man who loves his woman so much that even years after her death he still pines for her and must write her a love letter and toss it to the sea? Let me help you ease your pain, Garrett! Pretend I'm her. Pretend anything you want! And again, Kevin Costner in the film, need I say more?

4. The old classic, I know, but I have to put "Mr. Darcy" on here from Pride and Prejudice. I like a man who hides his softness behind arrogance. That would be a great challenge for me. I think I might like a chance at him.

5. I haven't gotten to "Jake" yet, but I'm having a hard time believing he'll be more appealing than "Edward" of Twilight is. Mama Mia! I dreamed of vampires for days while reading that book! Suck my blood! That vamp is SEXY! And such a gentleman...

6. Have to move to my buddy Richard Paul Evans. Rick. Yeah, he can write a good love story as well. I'm going for my favorite first, The Last Promise with "Ross Story". He was off-limits, but you know the type....the redemptive lover. And in Italy, no less. I wouldn't stand a chance.

7. One more RPE book, though there are several, second fave The Looking Glass, with minister-turned-gambler "Hunter Bell". Bet on me, bad boy. A tortured soul, who both saves and is saved by...a woman. Ahhhh...

8. I have to give a shout-out for "Joshua Steed" of the famed Work and the Glory series. It took him a while to become husband material, but I think he always had the make-out in the bag.

9. Maybe a weird choice, but I also liked "Levin" in Anna Karenina. Able to be at home in both worlds of aristocracy, and the country, but preferring the quiet, hardworking farm life. You know those farm boys come in mighty tired at the end of the day, and needing them some woman! A more tender, sensitive interlude. Gotta have some of that.

10. I liked Luisa's mention of "Almanzo" in the Little House on the Praire series. Laura Ingalls was my pet name growing up, thanks to long brown braids, freckles, and the homemade dresses (with pinafores, thank you very much) that my mother made for me and which I wore to school even in junior high. Good thing she got cool guy "Almanzo". Quiet and courageous. Great combo.

Okay, I tag my mother over at Cats on the Mat, because she reads fiction voraciously. Mom? Will you play?


Luisa Perkins said...

Love it love it love it! I heart all those guys in the movies (especially Joshua--I'm such a sucker for a bad boy)!

Jan Ross said...

OH, I loved Edward too! Have you read the sequels??

Anonymous said...

hi jenna:
i love the title of this "dreamy memey." and that little play on words was adorable, too. i am soo with you on noah, landon, garrett, mr darcy, joshua, and almanzo! i totally forgot about almanzo -- had such a crush when i was young. i love the way n.sparks writes. i cried throughout the notebook movie and the book. i love characters who transform like landon did, too. (another great transformation which made him attractive to me was jason in "the ultimate gift" 2006 ... rent it, you will love it. the movie is incredible. i did not like the book though because the book was written from a different character's point of view, but the movie captured it perfectly. one of my fav movies.) i digress.

you made me laugh out loud when you said about garrett ... let me help you ease your pain. pretend i'm her! and you also made me laugh about your farmboy comment ... needing them some woman! thanks for making me laugh tonight.

totally fun meme, you nailed it, kathleen :)

YogaNana said...

Me, huh? Well, there was Gandalf ... or the actor who played Gandalf. :o) Pity I can't insert a picture here, just to remind everyone.

I read, yes, I love books almost more than breath -- well, at least almost more than chocolate -- but I guess I don't read the right sort of books to play this. Don't like 'romance' novels at all. As for other stories, I can't think of a single character who interested me that way.

Let me work on it, there must be some angle ...

Tori :) said...

Kathleen sent me to your blog. I LOVE this Meme! I'll have to steal it. And yes- stick with Edward because I love Jacob and I don't wanna have to fight. :) He's mine.
Almanzo made me LOL!!!

Tori :) said...

I forgot- I always dug Joshua Steed too. Hawt!

Julie Wright said...

Love your list lady!!!! I wonder how many of these lists Mr Darcy made the cut on?

Madam Crunchypants said...

This is a very good list!