Thursday, July 31, 2008

An L.A. Sort of Day

Adam had a commercial audition this morning, and he invited Conor and me to tag along so we could have some time "alone" on the drive. I like to come along to the auditions, and because it's usually the same group of guys at all of them, I'm even starting to recognize faces. I like to crack a few jokes with all the stressed out actors, calm them down a bit. It's a tough, tough business, for sure.

Today he was auditioning to be Satan's demon helper. Yes, it's true. Satan has a white, sorta nerdy sidekick. It's a Capital One ad that will only run in Canada about hell freezing over because of all the great perks Capital One's No-Hassle Rewards plan offers. He was a bit nervous that the whole thing was symbolic, that maybe it's some sort of sign that he's being asked to audition for this role. I told him he only needed to worry if he gets it. If his agent calls up and says that out of the thousand demon helpers they auditioned, he's the one that's perfect, then maybe he's got something to worry about. And wait, then would that be a test? Is he not supposed to take it? Well, I say if hell's gonna pay the bills, then it's good for something.

On the way home, we stopped at a gas station. Just after us pulled in a Corvette Stingray with no hood and primer all over the back end of the car. Can't miss that, right? It parked next to us on the opposite pump. Adam went in to pay and came back out and leaned into the car and said, "Do you know who Tommy Lee is?" Yeah, sure. The guy that Pamela Anderson married. "Well, he's right there." And sure enough, there he was, pumping his gas into his inconspicuous hoodless Stingray. It's always kind of weird when you see a celebrity, whether you like them personally or not. I'm not a huge Tommy Lee fan. I'm not even a small Tommy Lee fan. But there he was, standing right there.

Now, people think I see celebrities all the time because I live in L.A. I don't. Adam does more often because he leaves the house. I rarely do. Well, I go to the grocery store, Church, and Target. No luck at those places yet. This was actually only the second time I've seen a celebrity while living here. The first was Tom Bosley. You know, the dad from Happy Days? We were in line at a photography place waiting for Adam's head shots, and Mr. Bosley walked in and got in line behind us. Adam had worked with him years ago and wanted to go say hi. But Adam called him 'Bob' on accident and that didn't go over very well. No it didn't.

So, today I realized that the only two celebrities I've seen here have both been 'Tom's', and well things usually happen in three's, right? And there is a certain Tom I'd sure love to run into. . .fingers crossed ladies, fingers crossed.


Wonder Woman said...

Let me guess....Tom Arnold? :o) I saw Tommy Lee yesterday, too. But it was on E! and little miss Pammy Anderson was talking about whether or not they'd get back together.

Anywho....I hope you spot the Tom of our dreams!!

Laurie said...

Oooh! I'm with you on that 3rd Tom!!! Good luck! And start carrying your camera.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Fingers crossed!

The only celeb I've ever seen is one of the guys from that short running sit-com Two Guys a Gal and a Pizza Place, or whatever it was called.

Josiah said...

I certainly hope you're referring to Hanks, and not that psychopath Cruise.

Lesley said...

I know! Tom Jones right?! LOL How fun to see a celeb, and I'm not even a small fan of Tommie Lee either. Robert Conrad lives in our neck of the woods and Lloyd Bridges had a cabin up in this area, but Bob is the only one we have seen much of.

family said...

You know we get Canadian channels here in Buffalo - you will have to keep us informed if he gets this demon thing, then I can watch for all the hours that I watch TV, but I will try!

YogaNana said...

Ahh, Josiah said what I was gonna say!