Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, apparently Conor does NOT like fireworks. Poor little guy. But the parade, the motorcycles, the BBQ with friends. . . all of that was A-OK.

I love the 4th of July. I've always tried to instill patriotism in my children's hearts. I am disheartened at how few people know the lyrics to our national anthem and other patriotic songs, and how illiterate we are as a nation about our Constitution and the history of our country. I was really bugged that our little town parade was hardly patriotic at all. It was basically one long commercial. One self-promoting business or person after another, and I'm thinking, "What does this have to do with the celebration of our nation's independence?" And don't answer me with 'free enterprise' because that's not good enough on the 4th. Let's have some reverence for the sacrifice it has taken and continues to take to keep our nation free and great. Let's see some respect for our Founding Fathers and the documents that make us stand apart from others. At least sing the National Anthem and have some veterans ride by for heaven's sake! I don't care that you don't want a Home Depot in Sunland or that Century 21 just hit some new all-time record. We're missing the point, people!

There's my Independence Day rant. Excuse me. Now, on to other things.

We've been passing the lazy days of summer with parks, walks, and swimming.

I miss my kids! I hear from at least one of them every day, most often Lyndsay, who is ready to come home, but still has three weeks to go. I know they are having so much fun and creating memories, so I'm comforted. Their dad will be moving from Show Low, AZ, so this might be their last visit there, which is a bit nostalgic even for me. Show Low is dear to me, but also painful. We moved there with such high hopes and dreams, and I left alone with a whole different set of plans.

Is anyone else getting panicked at the thought that it's already July? School, Halloween, Christmas. Oh my gosh. I bought my first Christmas present over the weekend and stashed it away. A drop in the bucket, but at least it's a drop!


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Great pictures!

And yes, it's so sad to see signs of the times in things like a town parade, isn't it?

Christmas! Heh...I've already got a good start on it. Crocheted scarves for all the nieces and nephews. I'm about, oh, 1/16 of the way done. =P

Hannah said...

WooHoo Christmas!!!

I did watch my very first Christmas movie on July 1st. Mike walked in on me and rolled his eyes. I have to hide my obsession I think.

Life ticks on said...

I feel you on the the 4th of July. My other biggest pet peeve is them changing the National Anthem into Spanish so others can feel patriotic??? I dont think so.

Misty said...

Way cute pictures! Little Conor is so cute! I'm with you on the whole parade thing, too. They're a lot different than they were when I was little! :(

Misty said...

a drop is right. at least its something! I am a little envious. I need to get a move on, but we are doing a handmade Christmas so i guess it's all the more crucial!

I have the same rant, if you will, about most holidays. Ugh.. love the photos though! looks perfect!

Shellie said...

I'm so freaking out that it's July already!

piper said...

Great pics! You are so pretty, Adam is one lucky man.

July is a crazy month for me too, my boys are with their Dad most of it, and Jackson goes to camp on the week I have him. Then school starts in August. Summer flies by too fast!!

Hang in there! Try to enjoy yourself.

I love you.

Lesley said...

Our parade always has all the firetrucks in it and they LOVE to blast their sirens. More than one of my kids has been traumatized by this over the years and looked just like poor Conor (clinging and crying). And yeah, let's see some patriotism!