Saturday, October 6, 2007

What the Buzz is all About

Maybe some of you have noticed the widget on the sidebar of my blog and wondered what that ranking means. Well, a while back I was invited to join a new site called Cre8buzz, still in its beta stage. At first I resisted, wondering what I could possibly do there, but since it was one of my favorite people extending the invitation, I jumped in to scope out the situation.

Cre8buzz is different from MySpace or Facebook. It is set up to literally create buzz for whatever it is that you're trying to draw attention to, whether it be your blog, your writing, your photography, your business, or whatever. It isn't filled with spam, raunch, and teens, but rather with actual intelligent, driven, encouraging, friendly, articulate, and artistic people. Cre8buzz is divided into different communities, and though I joined the "Women" community, members can visit any community they'd like, and make friends all over the Buzz. The fun thing is that you rank each other's profiles, pictures, blogs, posts, everything, so you can see who's hot on the buzz, and who is up-and-coming and in-the-know. Last I checked, I am ranked #13 in the Women's community.

I have made scores of new friends on cre8buzz. Women I never would have met, whose influence has made an impact on my life. Because I don't spend oodles of time blogging or surfing the net, I am very careful how I allocate the time that I do spend online, and I consider cre8buzz to be an enriching part of that time. My blog is more widely read now, and I've had many people find me on the buzz and tell me that they are faithful readers of my blog. I've met friends that live all over the United States, and as far away as Finland and Australia. I've met new friends in the writing community that have been influential and encouraging. I'm almost daily amazed by the depth, creativity, and smarts of the women (and men!) in the blogging world.

Up until now cre8buzz has been private, so only members could log in, but tomorrow, October 7th, it will go public (beta), so now anyone can view profiles and look around. To join, you'll still need an invite from a member, so let me know if you'd like to join the coolest club around and see what the buzz can do for you! Just send me a comment or email with your email address and I'll send you an invite. Members are raving about the success they've had on the buzz. Click here to read some success stories on the Cre8buzz blog. People are very friendly, and I think you'll find the atmosphere most welcoming and upstanding. Hope to see you around the buzz!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the love. Much appreciated. Glad ya lovin it at the buzz. We try hard to make it all good in the hood. Peace girl!!

Ritu said...

Just wanted to let you know that even after cre8buzz goes public it will still be invite only to become a member.

However, anyone can view the profiles and look around the site but to become a member an existing member will still have to send an invite

The Farmers Wife said...

great post. Exciting stuff going public huh? Brilig is composing a link list of people that have written reviews on cre8buzz over at her blog if you haven't seen it already.

Annette Lyon said...

Yay for the buzz!

Have to tell you that I got a bit of another kind of buzz clipping my coupons and going over my list today--I'm going to have a killer shopping fest tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

hi jenna:
i love reading your blog, but you already know i do :) you might be getting sick of hearing that kind of good stuff from me, ha.

yes, send me an invite when you get a chance.

hope your week is great for you and your little guys, kathleen :)

Luisa Perkins said...

So glad you love it! So glad you're there!

Hannah said...

Looks cool Jen, Can you send me an invite?

Thanks sugar!