Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The 5 o'clock Club

I had a career in Mary Kay Cosmetics for a few years. I had success fairly quickly, earning a free car five months after signing my Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement, and becoming a Sales Director just two months after that. I loved the Company's philosophies of God first, family second, career third; living by the Golden Rule; and making our success about the women, not the makeup. I met outstanding women, and traveled all over the country for seminars and conferences. I learned from very savvy and successful leaders in the Company, and I followed almost all of their tips for success. I love the 5 Most Important Things list. I did my Positive Affirmations. But I never participated in the 5 o'clock Club. No way, Jose.

Mary Kay Ash was a member (the originating member?) of the 5 o'clock Club, and she taught that all consultants who wanted to rise to the top make the Club a priority as well. Very simply, get up at 5am. Get a head start on the day, while others are sleeping and distractions are minimal. Recharge yourself, so you can give to others. Well, I was tired. I was a single mom, and often out late on dates, so 5am could just pass right on by with 6am. And it did.

I stepped down from my position as a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics two years ago. My focus was elsewhere now that I was remarried, and shortly after, expecting a baby. Over the last few years, I have felt myself hurrying to catch up constantly. I'm always trying to fit in the essentials, and very often, yesterday's essentials. I am tired, my tummy and my butt are getting softer than I prefer, and I lack the discipline I once held dear for my personal spiritual renewal. Every night I found myself going to bed promising myself that tomorrow, for sure, I would find time to exercise. Tomorrow, for sure, I would read my scriptures and spend time in thoughtful meditation. Well, every night I went to bed a liar, and that didn't do my morale any good.

Another thing I learned in Mary Kay is that the silent tapes we run over and over in our minds are very powerful. Self-talk can be edifying or destructive. Our minds don't know the difference between truth and fiction, they only believe what we tell them. If we tell ourselves we are fat, quitters, weak, and lazy, then our subconscious minds go to work to bring that to pass. If, however, we tell ourselves that we are valuable, strong, talented, and worthwhile, then that truth becomes our reality as well. My self-talk often goes something like this:

"You're such a phony. Everyone thinks you're so great, but look at you. You're a failure. You're divorced. Scarred forever. Nobody really wants you. You can't even get your butt out of bed. Yeah, right, you're gonna start working out consistently. You're just a hit-and-miss person, face it. Why do you even kid yourself?"

I could go on and on. But to realize that makes my heart ache. That is not who I am. And certainly not who I am becoming. This is more the real me:

"I have such determination! I am able to see changes that need to be made, and I have the courage to act upon them. I inspire others. I am a light in this world. This world needs me. I am strong, and I can do whatever I set my mind to do, with the help of God and those angels he has put in my life."

I could go on and on. It isn't as easy as the negative self-talk, but at least it's true! If you notice, my negative self-talk was in the second person, while my positive self-talk is in the first person. That's because the negative self-talk isn't really me talking at all. And if you have negative self-talk, it isn't your voice you're hearing either.

I am now a member of the 5 o'clock Club. I was hesitant to claim it at first, probably giving credance to that negative voice of failure, but I am doing it! It has been a remarkable gift to me! I awake and go downstairs to the beautiful darkness and silence, and I carve out some time just for me. For renewal, for strength, for my spirit that gives and gives and gives all day. My goal during the two hours I have before being "on duty" is to read from my scriptures, write in my journal, and workout. If I'm lucky, I can shower too. I have had marvelous experiences so far, as I read and ponder the scriptures. He is there waiting for me, to teach me, to validate the positive voice and add to it, to encourage me in all my worthy endeavors.

I did not expect to love the morning solitude as I do. I did not expect to feel so protective of it. It is mine, but I believe the mother who claims for herself, has all the more to give. And then the gift is the world's.


Anonymous said...

hi jenna:
i love this post. awesome what you said. my early morning time before i go to work is all mine, too. i love how positive and confidant you sound in this post.

you are a complete pleasure to know so far. and you do, you do, so inspire me!

congrats on doing the 30 day reading scripture challenge. and so good to hear you are finding that daily moment meaningful.

i loved this post (but i won't give you an award for it). tee hee. are you smiling?

you rock, kathleen :)

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I just linked into your blog from the LDS Blog Ring and I'm so glad I did. I loved this post. Self talk is so powerful, in both good and bad ways. This post rings true and it's given me some more to think about.

Annette Lyon said...

I had parents of the 5:00 club and thought as a grown-up it would be easy to do. It's NOT for someone who needs lots of sleep. You've given me food for thought, though. Maybe it would be worth being a zombie if it means getting a greater measure of sanity in my life.

Kellan said...

Okay - I'm never gonna' be a member of the 5:00 club - but I love that you are. I loved this post and learned a lot about Mary Kay that I never knew (do you have one of those pink Cadillacs?). Glad I came over to check out your site - thanks for the inspirational message - really!

Luisa Perkins said...

Good on ya, mate! I'm proud of you.

Josi said...

Love it! I'm a member of the 5:30 club, but not on my own. My daughter wakes up at 5:00 every morning and practices her piano. she LOVES mornings and gets up earlier than she needs to. She's converting me. This month I took So grateful to be a mormon's challenge of reading the scriptures every day. my hubby and I read together and it's awesome! We've missed 2 days so far, which isn't great, but better than we'd have done if left on our own.

Oh, and check out this blog--it's awesome http://christinekane.com/blog/allowing-imperfection/

Avery Gray said...

I'm not a member of the 5 o'clock club--if I have a chance to sleep until 9, you better believe I'm taking it--but this past week, I've been doing it. Getting up at 5. And, you know, it's not as hard as you might think. Sure, some days I'd love to burrow back under the covers, but I get SO much more done when I don't. And I'm on hubby's schedule, too, so I'm not tempted to stay up at night when he's ready for bed. It's so nice to snuggle up to him as we fall asleep. I can't guarantee I'll always do this, but I'm liking it right now. Great post!

Unknown said...


Loved your post today. I used to get up at 4:00 a.m. and write every day and those early hours of the morning were wonderful. I'd head out the door at 7:00 to walk with a friend and then back to shower, eat and get ready for the day. I miss those early morning hours. Thanks for reminding me. I need to shuffle some things around.

Anonymous said...

"It is mine, but I believe the mother who claims for herself, has all the more to give. And then the gift is the world's."

Oh, thank you for that last statement...for the entire post. I so needed to read these words.

Your blog, your writing is wonderful. I agree wholeheartedly with your laughter philosophy.

... said...

what a great post. i totally agree with what we tell ourselves - both good and bad.

and i can see where the 5:00 club would be very beneficial. i just can't see me getting up that early. i'm a night person and stay up until after midnight. but your post was inspiring, so who knows. if i try it, i'll let you know.

Ane said...

I love this post, sooo much like me!! Seriously I am going to be a 5'o clock clubber too! lol! I need too!! I need time to read and study the scriptures! Exercise and SHowER!! lol! Thanks for reminding me to take time for myself! You are awesome! I am subscribing to your blog! Mahalo~

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Just linked over from Hillary Week's blog, and I've had fun reading through your posts. I'm a member of the club too, and really it's the only way I can keep up on scripture study. If I put it off til later, it never gets done. There's always something "more important" to do, isn't there! Mary Kay had some great philosophies.

Anonymous said...

Great post. The differentiation between first person affirmations and negative voice in second person is something I never thought about before! and I respect that you aren't negative about your MK experience. I, too, have value in my MK life but don't 'practice' at the level I once did and find it so sad that so many people can be so anti - good for you. Continue that POSITIVENESS regardless of WHEN you get up to do your day...

tammy4marykay said...

Thank you Jenna. I've been a Sales Director w/MK for 8 years and I've been putting this off. I ran across your post while searching for info. on how to gradually become a member. I'm so use to sleeping in. The day takes control of me when I do. I want to control my day. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!

Anonymous said...

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